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This website is sponsored by and compliments the activities of Renascence Publications and is hoped will provoke debate and challenge conventional perceptions. A new ‘Age of Reason’ is upon us. Stereotyping should be a fallacy of the past.


The website is a non-profit making enterprise and intended to promote academic learning. Featured here are some extracts from my recently published book, ‘Islam and the West: a rational perspective’, articles on law and politics, as well as, my published poetry.


It is hoped that the book ‘Islam and the West: a rational perspective’ will serve to correct many of the misconceptions regarding the religion of Islam and forge a better understanding of the Faith while promoting interfaith dialogue. The book also seeks to address the contentious issue of whether Islam or its radical interpretation represents the most significant challenge to the worldwide predominance of western liberal democracy and capitalism in the aftermath of the Cold War, as well as exploring the issues relating to the revival of an Islamic Caliphate. At the same time, this book should be useful to anyone who wishes to gain a first-hand, lucid and brief introduction to a Faith of vast magnitude at different academic levels. Knowledge of Islam is not and should not be the exclusive domain of so-called ‘Mullahs’.

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Untitled-2Islam and the West: a rational perspective

ISBN: 978-1-86151-298-7

In the contemporary world ISLAM is taking centre stage, not least in its appeal as a global religion with followers throughout Europe and the United States, as well as in its traditional heartlands, but also in the backdrop of the tragedy of 9/11, the subsequent toppling of the theocratic Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the sequence of events leading up to the occupation of Iraq and its bloody aftermath. The forgotten war in Chechnya, the genocide in Bosnia and the contentious ‘Peace Process’ between Israel and the Palestinians; not to forget the United States led ‘War on Terror’ and the detention in Guantanamo Bay of suspected Al-Qaeda operatives in conditions defying the Geneva Convention; the continued threat of so-called Islamic Terrorists/Jihadists, more recently in the form of ISIL are just some of the reasons that has brought about a renewed focus on Islam both by the younger generation of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We must not underestimate the inspiration behind the Arab Spring and its potential to change the political landscape in the Arab World not least the profound implications for international politics, regional security and global economic infrastructure.

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Politics has always been about the exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise.

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Liberty under the Law

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Like other forms of artistic expression poetry can help us overcome the many prejudices that plague our society.
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